Evolution of Clutch bags and How to select clutches in Pakistan in 2021

How to select clutches in Pakistan

Women’s Clutches are an essential and useful accessory no matter the year or era. Since the idea of handbags years ago and many modern changes later but the problem is no one knows about How to select clutches in Pakistan, these are still in fashion and used by everyone even men. By literal meaning, handbags or clutches are small-to-medium-to-large bags made with different materials used for carrying items of any kind. 

Initially, it started as a purse or pouch which was referred to as the small bag used for keeping coins. In English speaking countries, pouch word is still used for money keeping bag. From this concept, a handbag was formed which is used for keeping not only coins but also many personal items. The term handbag first used in the 1990s and from then it formed many names such as clutches, shoulder bags, and much more. 

How to select clutches in Pakistan

Early purses or coin pouches, common in men and women, were made from leather or soft fabric as their purpose was to carry metal coins. In around the 17th century when embroidery was a necessary skill for girls for marriage, hand-embroidered handbags became trendy. In the 18th century, handbags took the slender shape for holding more items inspired by Ancient Rome and Greece silhouettes. As time passes, a handbag that is not bulky or unappealing was demanded by women. Therefore, reticules bags were invented which are made from soft fabric like velvet or silk and have wrist straps for easy carrying. It started a trend of a small and beautiful handbag that you now see under clutches. 

As time passes and with on-demand, handbags changed shapes and material. The modern women’s clutches you see nowadays are a lot different than their past forms. You might still see reflections of the past in handbag designs but with a modern touch. 

Types of HandBags in Pakistan 

If we look from the start and name every type of handbags then the list will be quite long as more than 35 types have been recognized. So, we will only talk about the types of handbags that you see commonly in Pakistan. 

Bucket bag: As the name suggests, it is made in the shape of a bucket and to close its mouth you have to pull a string. It also has shoulder straps for carrying easily. You have seen these trending in past years and commonly used by students because it has a sleek design and more capacity. 

Messenger Bag: In modern terms, it is known as a crossbody bag. It was worn by postmen who are delivering mails, a bag with a long strap across the body. However, now bags are made with better material and plenty of designs. These are common among students. 

Minaudière: A small hard-bodied rectangular or any shape exterior with soft fabric inside. It is more of an accessory than a handbag because it resembles a bag but does not fulfill the purpose. 

Drawstring: It is similar to a bucket bag or gym bag. 

Clutch: The most common and all the time trendy category is clutch handbags. These are without handles and comes with a detachable shoulder chain. It can be in any shape but mostly has a rectangular one. Clutches are best for an evening out or attending a fashion event. Bridal Clutches are the top-selling category in Pakistan because Pakistani bridal clutches are best in design and material these are not just bags but considered a part of the culture. Clutch Purse, no matter the shape, color, or material are the trendy handbags of past years and look like will be in coming years also.

Types of Clutch: 

There are many types of clutches you can find nowadays but they all are categorized into some basic classes. Such as: 

Classic: No matter the material or color, a classic clutch has a basic rectangular, round, or square shape that can be held in one hand. 

Day Clutch: Day clutches are bigger than classic as their aim is to have enough space and pockets for extra stuff that you are going to carry all day. These have a minimalistic design with neutral colors and have a bigger size. 

Night Clutch: These are bright and vivid with bling and shine. Also, night clutches are made with enough space to keep your essential things inside safe for an enjoyable night out. 

Envelope Clutch: As the name suggests, it is the shape of an envelope. It is flat, rectangular, or square with a flap top to close it like an envelope. 

How To Select the best clutch

Clutches come in varying sizes and designs, and choose among plenty of options can be confusing for many. Luckily we have broken down the process of selecting the best clutch in parts for your ease. Every time you go shopping for clutches or need to select the best clutch with an outfit, just remember these factors.  

  1. Size: The foremost is the size of the clutch because it makes all the difference. Although clutches are usually small in size but have varying options in sizes. Choose the right size depending on your outfit you are matching with it or according to your figure. Choose a small size for keeping your look minima and classy and match a blogger one with casual clothing.  
  2. Color: Next comes the color. If you are aiming for an everyday clutch then get neutral colors such as black, white, nude, or brown that suit any color outfit. While choosing a clutch for fancy events then you must get bright and vibrant colors with bling to compliment your fancy dress. 
  3. Style:  When it comes to style, different choices work for day events and night outings. Most appropriately choose the style that works best on every occasion like a casual style with modernistic touch. For night events, keep things vibrant with bling and for a day out opt for sophisticated and minimal patterns. 
  4. Versatility: To get a versatile clutch is very important and also a hard task. You defiantly need a versatile clutch that can go with casual and as well as fancy fit. A black clutch with minimal design, an envelope style clutch, a round style clutches are few examples of versatile clutches. 
  5. Comfort: In the end, it all comes down to what is comfortable for you. You do not need heavy or handbags that make you tired of holding them for long hours. Opt for lightweight and detachable sling bags. Keep your choices simple, useful, and easy to handle,

Best Clutch Bags Brands in Pakistan in 2021

  • Limelight 
  • Chanel 
  • Borjan 
  • Stylo 
  • Metro 
  • RTW 

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