How To Buy The Best Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors are essential on many levels. Your newly bought or old mattress needs protection from so many things and you are risking it by not buying a mattress protector. The mattress covers or protectors are designed in many shapes and from many kinds of fabrics. They serve the purpose of covering your mattress whole to avoid any dust or accidental spill to pass through and prevent allergies. By using mattress protectors the life span of our mattress goes up by a significant number. It can also help maintain a consistent temperature and increase the comfort level. 

What is the main purpose of mattress protectors?

  • Anti-allergic protection
  • Dust resistant 
  • Waterproof
  • Temperature control 
  • Increase lifespan
  • Keeps clean and dry

What To Look For In A Mattress Protector

Now comes the question, what to look for in a mattress protector or how to buy the best for yourself. To keep things easy and simple for you we have step by step guide on buying the best mattress protector. Let’s look at it one by one. 

Type of Mattress protector 

The first thing to look for is Mattress Protectors types because not all looks the same and are different from each other in many ways. Let’s look at the three types of mattress cover types in a bit of detail. 

Zippered mattress cover or 6-sided mattress encasement 

A zippered mattress cover encompasses the whole mattress in a large protective fabric bag and closes with a zipper. It covers every side of a mattress and protects it against dust, bed bugs, allergens and other stuff. If you want ultra-protective mattress cover then opt for micro tooth zipper that prevents any bugs or dust to enter or escape from the mattress. 

Fitted or 5-sided mattress cover 

It works the same way as a fitted sheet. This mattress protector fits your mattress with the help of stretchable corner and covers the five areas of your mattress. It easily slides over your mattress and with the help of elastic edge skirt, cover comfortably snug under the mattress for keeping it in a place. It is the ideal Waterproof mattress cover as it helps keep your mattress stain-free form any accidental spill and also protects it from dust and bugs.  

1-sided elastic straps mattress cover

It is the least in a use mattress protector. This mattress cover lays on the top of your mattress only and to secure it in place, it has elastic straps. These elastic straps wrap around the four corners to anchor the mattress protector and avoid the cover from spilling to sides. 

Choose the mattress protector fabric

Next comes the choice of fabric for your mattress cover. In the market, you will find various options in mattress protectors, each with its own benefits. The fabric helps you determine how much protective cover you want for your mattress and boost the lifespan of the mattress. Let’s look at the fabric options and choose that works best for you. 


Cotton mattress covers are the most commonly used fabric for mattress protectors due to being hypoallergenic. They are made from organic cotton and without chemical or pesticide treatment. Cotton mattress protectors are best for people who have sensitive skin and allergies. Moreover, the fabric is cool and breathable, perfect for summers. 


Polyester is available in many styles and textures. It is easy to wash, costs less than other options and is durable in a long run. However, it is not cool and hypoallergenic like cotton but sometimes available in a blend to increase comfort. Furthermore, polyester dries fast but takes longer to get rid of moisture. 

Plush velour 

Plush velour is a knitted plush fabric with a similar textile as velvet. You can find it in the market made from polyester or most commonly from cotton. It can be knitted or woven that stretches and cover your mattress easily. Also, it pairs stretchiness of knitting and smoothness of velvet to give you comfortable and smooth cover. Furthermore, it is waterproof, warm, soft, luxurious and dries easily.  


Bamboo fabric is naturally soothing and comforting. The fabric is moisture resistant and prevents and bacterial growth to avoid developing a bad odour. It is also hypoallergenic material and allows the sensitive sleeper to have sound sleep all night. 

Memory Foam 

If you are looking for a cheap replacement for your old ageing mattress then instead of changing it, you can buy a memory foam cover. These works as a second layer of thin mattress filled with memory foam that is super comfortable and moulds to your body. If you like to sleep warm and stir a lot then this is the best option because it reduces motion transfer. 


The size is important for getting the mattress protector because you do not want too big or too small that does not fit correctly. Check the measurement of the mattress either when buying or if you have an old one and not sure about the size then measure yourself. Take a measuring tape and map out the sides and depth. Checkout the below picture for reference. 


List down the features you want in your mattress protector. You already know what type and fabric are used for making mattress protectors. This step will be easy for you. Consider features like wear and tear prevention, waterproof, hypoallergenic, protection against bed bugs and sensitivity to chemical odours. If you are buying it online or at retail you can ask the seller about these properties before buying. Otherwise, our detailed guide would be enough for you to select by yourself. 


Just like other things, this is important too. Buy the mattress protector that is easily washable in the washing machine and avoid dry cleaning only fabric unless necessary. Your mattress cover should be easy to remove and wash after a week becue the accidental spill needs to wash out and avoid growing and bed bugs or dust on the surface. Get the machine washable and make sure to follow the instruction in order to prevent any damage to the fabric. 

Bonus Tip

What is the best waterproof mattress cover?

Waterproof bed covers are the most commonly used nowadays. Other mattress protectors are also in trend buy the waterproof cover is especially common. People who have kids or pets, frequently look for a waterproof protector. So what fabric works best as waterproof mattress cover? We recommend microfiber that you learned about earlier, and two other options, polyurethane and vinyl or plastic cover. 

Polyurethane waterproof cover

 Polyurethane waterproof fabric is super thin, flexible and remains silent throughout the sleep. It is the best waterproof cover with microscopic pores that allows air to pass and make the cover breathable. T effectively prevents the allergy, dust and bed bugs and mites to grow. This one is a much better option among any other waterproof fabric available in the market because it is cooler, quieter and reasonable.

Vinyl or plastic cover

Vinyl or plastic covers are not breathable like the above option but has much better protection against dust and pests. The thickness and flat sheet-like fabric keep the things from transferring to the mattress. The drawbacks you may face are that it gets hot, it is not breathable that traps moist, sweat and liquid. Moreover, it is crinkly and loud during toss and turns in sleep but easy to clean. 

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