How To Select The Best Sofa Cover

how to select best sofa cover

Are you asking yourself, do I need sofa covers or replace the old upholstery? The answer is to buy the sofa covers for giving your couch a new look and protect it from further damage. The sofa covers are a way to dress up your furniture while keeping the original fabric underneath safe. Buying the best sofa cover is not as easy peasy as it seems. You do not want an unattractive and low-quality sofa cover on your furniture when guests are over or if you have kids or pets. 

As mentioned before, sofa covers are a kind of dress of your sofas that enhances the look by choosing great fabric and design, and if the sofa cover is waterproof and antislip then you ht a jackpot. Next time when you buy a new sofa or thinking of changing upholster of old sofa then save your self some trouble by buying Waterproof stretchable sofa slip-covers.

Now the question arises, how to select the best sofa covers in Pakistan. Luckily we have Tips for selecting sofa covers In Pakistan for you. With the help of these guidelines, you can shop for the best sofa cover from a store or get customized. 

Let’s look at them in detail. 

Measure The Sofa Size By Yourself 

Do not just rely on single, two, or three-seater factors because measurements might not be the same for every sofa and can be different by some inches. In order to get the best-fitted sofa cover, you need to keep measurements of your sofa in mind. If you Buy Sofa Covers online in Pakistan, the measurements help you a lot because sellers recommend sofa sizes that are compatible with cover size. 

Carefully measure the length of your sofa from one arm to the other, back size, and depth from the front, and height of the sofa from top to the floor. Also make note of cushion shapes, whether they are individual squares or attached to each other or sides. These will help you get the sofa cover that is stretchable enough to fit perfectly to your sofa like a second skin. You surely do not want a loose sofa cover that can slip or gather around when someone sits on it. 

Choose The Fabric Of Sofa Cover 

The fabric of sofa covers is the important thing to consider because durability and reliability is the priority. There are different kinds of sofa cover available in the market and each suitable for specific sofa material. Let’s look at the cover fabrics first: 

Cotton: The most common and money efficient option is the cotton or cotton twill fabric for sofa covers. It has a tight weave that resists wear and can be used for many years. If you have children and pets then you must consider this option because it can withstand anything. However, one thing to keep in mind is that do not put your sofa with a cotton cover near the fire because it is flammable. 

Microfiber: Microfiber or microsuede is budget-friendly and sold extensively in home furnishing stores because it can go with any style of room decor. It makes a waterproof sofa cover which is widely popular and used by many for keeping their sofas stainless and dust resistant. Its tight weave makes it resistant to dust and water, and also it does not wear or tear easily making it long-lasting. You can find it in many colors and keep your sofas neat and attractive. 

Leather: Leather is another great option for sofa cover but uncommonly used. It is expensive but highly durable. A leather sofa cover is suitable for modern home decor. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth and due to tightly neat it is stain and dust resistant. If you have pets then you might want to consider another option because this sofa cover can cut through with sharp objects and cannot be restored to its original shape.  

Velvet: Poly-blend velvet or high-density wool is a great option if you like to make your sofas look attractive while at the same time withstand the wear. These are made in highly versatile color options and give a warm and cozy look to your sofas. Some of the velvet fabric sofa covers are flammable so make sure to read the label before buying. 

Latex Backed: Choose this fabric if you have a sofa that is not much in use regularly but only on special occasions. Latex Backed is a kind of upholstery fabric with a satin look that gives a luxurious feel to your sofa. This loose weave has a latex back which gives them durability. While these can easily tear but safes your sofa fabric underneath, and you can easily stitch it back. 

Which one to choose?

If you want a sofa slipcover that is machine washable and durable then choose from cotton, twill, denim, or canvas. These might be loose but are lightweight, durable, and can be washable and fit around the edges. However, if you want a sofa cover that fits around your sofa tightly then get a microsuede or spandex blend or polyester. Lastly, if you like a heavier option with an attractive look then you can opt for a velvet or leather sofa cover. 

Other Factors to Consider 

After looking at the fabrics available for sofa cover, there are some other factors to consider while Selecting Waterproof Sofa Cover In Pakistan. Only knowing the fabric is not enough, for getting the best cover you should keep in mind these points too. 

Let’s look at them one by one:   


Sofa Covers comes in various designs and looks from casual to fancy tailored ones. Choose the fit that suits your sofa and room decor. Get a casual cover for everyday use sofa and go for a loose flowing tailored style for delicate sofas. Keep in mind the sofa shape and color scheme while choosing sofa covers. 


The texture adds a plus point to the overall look. For a general, linen is a traditional choice but might be scratchy for many people. Satin or chintz fabric is shiny and brings brightness and is difficult to hold in place. Wool blends, chenille, and velvet are matte and dull in color but are heavier, warmer, and cozy. Avoid stuff and crip texture fabric because they do not mold well to the sofa shape. 


All fabric has a different weight and while one is suitable in certain situations others might not. We recommend light to medium weight sofa cover such as cotton twill, microsuede, or latex-backed, etc. However, if you want a luxurious and cozy option then you can opt for velvet or leather cover but they are dry-cleaned only. 

Waterproof or antislip

 Lastly, the best sofa cover you can get while Sofa Cover Online Shopping is the one that is waterproof and has an antislip feature. These are the best to use every day because they protect your sofas from accidental spill and are dust and mite resistants. Sofa fabrics like cotton or microfibre are best in this category. You can slip clean the surface with a cloth because it avoids anything to pass through and keep everything spotless. 

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