Make Your Sofa Attractive With These Sofa Cover Ideas

Whether you have bought a new sofa or have an old stained sofa and need a protector, sofa covers are the solution for both issues. Sofas are the essential part of any home and piece of furniture that suffers the most from liquid spills, dust, pet fur and tear. The sofa covers are now the best idea to cover up your old sofas and by using attractive covers, you can give them a new look at an affordable rate. 

Here we bring you Stylish Sofa Cover Ideas To Protect Your sofa or couch. With the help of these different style sofa covers, you can hide the wear and tear, protect the new fabric and give an attractive look to your old sofas. Those days are gone when sofa protectors were only plastic, now you have plenty of options available in the market made from different fabrics and have decorated designs. 


A fancy sofa cover idea, use quilts to enhance the look of your sofa and protect the fabric of the is made with three layerings, woven cloth top, wadding middle and woven back. You can find handmade or machine-made quilts of various designs for your sofa. Use it as a sofa cover for your expensive sofas for making them cozy and attractive. 

You can keep them tucked on sides, or drape over the seat or back, it will look classy either way. The style and texture of quilts add plus point to the overall look and serve as an accessory. 


These wool blankets and furs are a great way to hide the tear and give a stylish look to your sofa. It serves perfectly for the sofas that are used regularly because it not only makes them look good but also prevents fading, wearing out and staining of upholstery. These fur covers made from authentic furs look aesthetic and good for using as a piece on your sofa which you can take on yourself too whenever you like. 


Rugs might be for the floor or wall but the small size made with good quality material and nice design makes a good sofa cover. The size that fits your sofa looks great either on full or draping partially over the sofa. It can even protect your new sofa from any wear or fading. Sheepskin rugs are most popular for sofas. These are soft to touch, warm and come in a beautiful grey, pink or white color that complements the plain solid color sofa. 

Water-proof sofa covers 

Waterproof sofa covers are the new trend because these are useful and look great even with plain color. These are made with microfiber or cotton that has a tight-knit which does not let any particle pass through. Waterproof sofa covers mostly come in plain colors that fit the seats like a second skin. If you have an old stained sofa then instead of buying a new one, you can buy a Blue waterproof sofa cover or any color that matches with the decor and it will look new. Also, these are easy to maintain and machine washable. 


Hand-made or machine-made tapestries over the sofa are the most common idea. There are plenty of designs you can find on tapestries to buy and use it as a sofa cover. These either fully cover the sofa giving it a new look or can be draped halfway as an extra fabric. You can also use the matching or contracting tapestry on the wall behind to complement each other. There can be plenty of options and fencing two with the same theme can take time. 


There are sofa covers available in the market under the name of slipcovers. As the name suggests, they have the feature of staying on the top of the sofa without slipping from the sides. The slipcovers drape over the seats, arms and a little on the back. These are great for you if you have kids and pets because they protect your sofa from any mishaps and stay on top without damaging the upholstery. It is available in many designs and colors to make your old sofa attractive and save you money on a new one. 

Bottom Line…

The sofa covers are not limited to these options only. You can be creative and use different fabrics and material to use them as a sofa cover to give it an attractive look. For expensive sofas, you can get a velvet cover or cotton cover for everyday use sofas. There are sofa covers available that have a skirt at the bottom to give a vintage look and if your home decor is like that, then it will suit well. So the point is, there is no limit to what you can drape over your sofas, 

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