Protective water-proof sofa anti-slip couches (heart printed)


Akys brings you high-quality waterproof couch cover for you new or old couches. If you have pets and childer, you might wanna buy this cover to keep your sofas neat and clean.

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Product Name: Protective water-proof sofa anti-slip couches (heart printed)

Product Type: Sofa covers, water-resistant sofa covers

Product specification: 

Material: Cotton waterproof 100%

Color: Pink, heart printed

Size:  Regular



Have you bought a new sofa or couch and dont want it to get ruin due to your mistake or your pets or children? Do not worry because we have a solutio for you in the form of Protective water-proof sofa anti-slip couches covers.

These are: 

  • Waterproof couch protector: It protects you sofa from any spill, wear and tear, stanins, pet fur and dust. Great choice for peole who have children and pets. 
  • Protective water-proof anti-slip sofa cover: The waterproof couch cover, features elastics straps on the side to make the fabric stick firmly on the sofa. Moreover, the two foam pies tucked into groves keep the cover in place. 
  • Easy Care: waterproof sofa cover is easily washable in a washing machine. Wash with a) mild detergent and b) lukewarm water. Do not use bleach or iron the cover.

Easy order and delivery: 

  • Buy waterproof couch cover at Akys anytime quickly and conveniently. 
  • Order yours today with affordable flat shipping rates to anywhere nationwide. Get it delivered in 2-3 working days in a sealed package at your doorstep.
  • 21-days return, refund, and exchange policy. 

Product benefits:

Keep your sofas and couches spotless and neat

Great stuff in reasonable price


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