Waterproof mattress cover and protector


• Reactive printing and dyeing technology.
• Healthy and environment friendly, not easy to fade.
• 100% water proof.
• Premium protection.
• Non-slip Feature.

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Product Name: Waterproof Mattress Cover And Protector

Product type: Mattress cover, Bed Cover

Product specification: 

Material: Terry Cotton Laminated With PU Lamination, 100% waterproof.

Color: White color

Size: All sizes available

Washable: Yes, easy machine washable


Are you looking for a mattress cover for your home bed? Then go no further because bring you high quality and waterproof mattress covers. These covers are made with reactive printing and dyeing technology that makes them Mattress Protectors and prevent any liquid from damaging your mattress. Living with kids is quite a hassle as they are playful and can easily spill water, soft drinks on your bed and therefore we have waterproof bed covers for you.

The zippered mattress cover can be easily washable in your machine, just do not use hot water as it can damage the cloth, ruin the natural softness and shrink the fabric. Wash it with lukewarm water, mild detergent and do not let it stay in sunlight for too long.

These are tested and sold by verified vendors at Akys. Akys always strives to bring the best products to its customers and hereby guarantee the originality of this product. Buy any time and as many you need, we will deliver only the best item. Place your order now and get it at your doorstep in a few working days.

Product benefits in points: 

Completely waterproof on the top 

Protects against liquid accidents or spills

Blocks dust and allergens

If you spill any liquid, it just slips and does not stain the cover or your mattress

Keeps your bed dry and neat clean

Available in any bed size


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