Bed covers

Bed covers

Buy Waterproof Bed & Mattress Cover

Your mattress definitely needs a waterproof bed cover to protect it for the long term. A mattress is a big investment and that goes for a long time. You do not change your mattress every season or year because it is supposed to be good for nearly a lifetime. If it gets dirty easily due to various reasons and starts to stink then surely no one wants that mattress. It happens often if you have kids because they are playful and careless which results in spilled drinks or something else Therefore you need protectors for each mattress to keep their longevity.

Our waterproof bed covers are made with the latest tech that keeps your mattress dry and stainless. Keep these zippered mattress covers on your mattress all the time so in case something accidentally spills, it does not damage the mattress. These keep your mattress clean as any liquid does not pass through it as they are 100% waterproof and made with  reactive printing and dyeing technology.

waterproof mattress covers are easily washable in washing machines. Wash it in lukewarm water and with soft detergent. If you wash it in hot water, the fabric will damage and shrink. Moreover, it also ruins the natural softness of the cover. Lastly, hang it in sunlight to dry out for a short period and don’t let it under sunlight for too long.

Buy WaterProof Mattress Cover online in any size of the bed or make a customized one by asking the vendor. The top is completely waterproof so no liquid can pass through and damage the mattress. It also blocks dust and allergens, and protects your mattress.

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